Clarkstown High School Class of 1960

Class of 1960 Roster
(Help us find people - only 20 to go 12/11/09)

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first last 1960 last now Email
Iris Allard Email
Barbara Babcock (Hughes) (none)
Sandra Barolet (Brakemeier) Email
Edmund Beazley
Margaret Benson (Buck) Email
Joan Bischoff (Hill)  
Teresa Bittmann (Reynolds)
Barbara Biviano (Dulisse) Email
June Blauvelt Email
Penny Blauvelt  
Lorraine Blisch
Camille Boriello (Malgren)
Carol Borrs (Irish) Email
Dee Breger  
Carolyn Brenneisen
Sally Briscoe (Costa) Email
Pat Broderick (Robinson)
Mary Ann Brodil (Klingman)


Barbara Bruney (Bailsey) none
Jeff Burcaw Email
Carol Burtin (Fripp) Email
Hildy Carlson (Itkin) Email
Virginia Chipperfield
Joseph Cifuni
Dorothy Cirotto (Morgan)
Marilyn Clochessy (Grady) Email
Donald Coates
Bob Coons  
Joan Cooper Email
Geraldine Damiani (Geller)
Ann Dauksza (Wyman) Email
Nancy De Palma (Ciemian) Email
Susan Deutsch
Joseph Dineen
Marlene Duchen (Kent) none
Margie Eagan (Hughes) Email
Gerard Edwards Email
Thomas Eiben
Robert Fasano  
Carol Fay
Susan Felsen
Thomas Fenton Email
Albert Ferro Email
Susan Fisher (Pelzar) Email
John Fitzgerald
Judith Forte Email
Ruth Fortman (Toscano) Email
Janet Foster (White) none
Damon Francisco none
William Gaillard Email
Glenn Gertsen  
Richard Gilchrist Email
Carol Gildersleeve (Schorr)
Carolyn Goodliffe
Penny Grace (Dianis)
Jerry Grant
Michael Green
Michael Griffin Email
Mary Lou Guarino Email
Bruce Hahn


Wayne Hansen Email
Bill Harniman Email
Tore Heskestad Email
Richard Hill Email
Sylvia Hoag (Bogusz) Email
Adele Hohmann (Bowes)
Patricia Hopper (Ehlers)
James Hughes
Roberta Hujus (Rudy)
Amy Itkin (Kaplan) Email
Paul Itkin Email
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnston (Layton) Email
Carol Joyce Email
Richard Julin
Frank Kay Email
George Kay none
Joseph Keesey none
Dennis Kennedy Email
Ruth Kepler (Baker) Email
Antoinette Kerr (Wong) Email
Joseph Kikkert Email
David King Email
Judie Kip (Davis) Email
Patsy Klaiber (Giella) Email
Donald Knapp Email
Robert Koch Email
Joy Krebs
Donald Lanspery Email
Jean La Brake (Paul) Email
John Lepage  
Gerry Lindenberger
Paul Logan  
Barbara Lovett (Maskell) Email
Eileen Luinette (Romanick) Email
Denis Lutz   Email
Joyce Mac Donald (Leonakis)
Ted Malgrem
Billy Marchak Email
Nancy Marquardt (Pollack)
Joseph Maskell Email
Kenneth Maxwell
Steven McCord
Hazel McDonald
Pat McGrath (Storck-Peterson) Email
Pem McPartland (Stevens)  
Geoffrey Meek
Larry Meyerson Email
Howard Mills Email
Robert Moir
Kathy Moore none
Marjorie Morina (Grecco) Email
Deirdre Morrissey (Steiner) Em/ail
Margaret Murphy
Lloyd Murray Email
Maryanne Nicodema (Dulaney)
Judeanne Oakley (Langlois) Email
Carol O'Brien (Flynn) Email
Carol O'Dell (Peterson)
Bruce Olson Email
Albert Osborne
Calvin Owen Email
Sandi Partridge Email
Thomas Pedersen Email
Diane Persing (Meek) Email
Karl Peters Email
Maryann Peterson (Croteau) Email
Stephen Plunkett Email
William Prihoda
Sigburga Quintus (Schreiber)
Joan Richter
Kathie Rickli (Guttman) Email
Carl Rinne Email
Neil Robinson Email
George Roscoe
Peter Russo
Jane Ryan
Robert Sanger
Robert Scheu  
Albert Schmidt Email
Helen Schnackenberg (Lieval)
Dorothy Scholl (Woolum) Email
Diane Schultzel (Abrams) Email
Geraldine Setaro
Dennis Shea
Billy Sheldon  
Robert Sherry Email
Diane Siebold (Boatwright)
Jane Simon Email
Gary Smith Email
Karen Smith (Fox) Email
Nancy Smith (Shanley) Email
Michael Sosnowich Email
Kathy Stein
Joseph Steiner Email
Helen Stout (Marsh) Email
Marie Sutter (Pryor) Email
Charles Swartwout Email
Robert Taylor none
Susan Taylor (Chadwick) Email
Judith Thorne (Moon) none
John Thresher Email
Bruce Tobey Email
Maria Torres (Von Helms) Email
Louis Toscano Email
Claudette Tritt
Carole Uhl (Rose) Email
Jane Van Eps Email
Janet Van Houten (Stokdal) Email
Barbara Van Ness (Valenti) none
Marby Van Tassel (Getty) none
Jim Vellane Email
Heidi Waldron (Klein) Email
Jason Walker
William Walker
Richard Walsh
Paul Walter Email
Stephen Warriner none
Sandra Weissflog
Ralph Werner Email
Ernie Wiebicke Email
Karl Wilkens Email
Susan Wirth (Fusco) Email
Priscilla Witt (Hood) Email
John Zeisel Email
Paul Zingale Email

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